TransOcean International Corporation (TransOcean) is an applied geoeconomic research and analysis consultancy firm focused on the development of the financial services and infrastructure for the emerging markets of Iraq and Mongolia. TransOcean provides clients proprietary strategic and tactical implementation advisory services necessary to mitigate financial and legal risk.

TransOcean specializes in emerging market banking, financial IT, communications and non-ferrous metals sector asset verification, validation and valuation. In addition, TransOcean researchers and analysts closely monitor emerging market banking, energy, strategic metals, communication and taxation policy development.

Implementation of emerging market geospatial data collection and numerical analysis is performed by TransOcean and its network of affiliated foreign companies. TransOcean maintains strategically located facilities in Hong Kong, Dubai, Shanghai, Ulaanbaatar, Amman, Baghdad, Erbil, Basra and Penang. Language capabilities include Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Russian and Mongolian.

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